Special Relationships

CCEE collaborates with the Holy See and other Episcopal Bodies to strengthen communion between the Bishops of the world as they undertake the ecclesial mission entrusted to them. Among these are:

  • Other continental episcopal bodies, such as SECAM in Africa, CELAM in Latin America, FABC in the Asian Continent, FCBCO in Australasia and the USCCB in the United States.

  • COMECE, which “partners the political process of the European Union in the areas of interest to the Episcopates of the European Community; it monitors the activities of the European Union and informs in this regard the Episcopates of the European Community; it communicates to the European institutions and authorities the opinions and views of the Episcopates of the European Community concerning European integration" (Preamble to the COMECE statutes).

  • Holy See Dicasteries in every area in which they are active, so as to be able to co-operate in true communion between the different institutions and establish a profound dialogue about the possibilities, challenges and problems which the Church in the Continent faces.