The Vice Secretary General

Rev Michel Remery

Rev Michel Petrus Remery (4 January 1973) was ordained priest in the diocese of Rotterdam on 5 June 2004. He studied architecture at Delft University of Technology, where he graduated in 1996. He worked as Project Manager at the Royal Airforce Infrastructures Department (1996-1997) and as Engineer-Director of a Tebodin and Shell project in Estonia (1998-1999). He studied theology at the Pontifical Gregorian University, where he gained a Licentiate in Dogmatic Theology, examining the liturgy in particular (2006). He subsequently gained a Doctorate with a thesis on the link between liturgy and architecture, published under the title "Mystery and Matter" (2008).

He was a member of a consultative committee at the Holy See’s Internet Office on the use of new media and young people (2004-2006). From 2006-2012 he worked in three Dutch parishes, with particular emphasis on pastoral work with young people. He has organized and led pilgrimages with young people to Rome, Paris, the Holy Land, Surinam, Poland, and the World Youth Days in Toronto (2002), Cologne (2005), Sydney (2008) and Madrid (2011).

He was a Collaborator at the Apostolic Nunciature at The Hague (2006-2012). Since 2008 he has been a Research Fellow at the Faculty of Catholic Theology of Tilburg University focusing on academic research on the link between liturgy and architecture.

Since 2012 he has has been Vice Secretary General at CCEE. He speaks Dutch, English, Italian, French, German and Spanish.

His academic publications include:
* ‘Old St. Peter’s Basilica on the Vatican Hill: A Martyr’s Tomb that became the Liturgical and Architectonical Corner Stone of the Roman Curia’, in: P. VAN GEEST, ed. – R. REGOLI, ed., Suavis Laborum Memoria. Chiesa, Papato e Curia Romana tra storia e teologia, Città del Vaticano 2013 [Collectanea Archivi Vaticani 88]
*‘The Definition of Liturgy and Architecture. Based on the Sources which Influenced the 20th Century Monk and Architect Dom Hans van der Laan OSB’, Questions Liturgiques 93 (2012, nr. 1-2) 100-116.
* ‘The influence of Solesmes on the theory of Dom Hans van der Laan osb on liturgy and architecture’, Jaarboek voor liturgie-onderzoek 26 (2010) 149-179.
* ‘Beauty as the bond between liturgy and architecture’, Ecclesia Orans 28 (2011) 129-138. Russian tr.: Красота как связующее звено между литургией и архитектурой / А. Бодров, М. Толстолуженко (ред.). Богословие красоты. М.: Издательство ББИ, 2013. С. 108-120
* ‘Celebratie ad orientem of versus populum? Frits van der Meer en Hans van der Laan over de oriëntatie van het kerkgebouw’, Tijdschrift voor Liturgie 94 (2010, nr. 6) 324–337.
*Mystery and Matter. On the relationship between liturgy and architecture in the thought of dom Hans van der Laan OSB (1904-1991), Brill, Leiden 2011.

Publications on catechesis include:
* Tweeting with GOD Manual. Exploring the Catholic faith together, Ignatius Press, San Francisco 2015.
* Tweeting with GOD. Big Bang, prayer, Bible, sex, Crusades, sin, career..., Ignatius Press, San Francisco 2015. Dutch tr.: Twitteren met GOD, Adveniat, Baarn 2014; Tweetując z Bogiem, tome 1 & 2, Sw. Pawel, Czestochowa 2014. Tvitanje z BOGOM, Skam Ljubljana 2015. Romanian tr. Tweeting cu DUMNEZEU, Sapientia, Lasi 2016. Spanish tr. Tuiteando con DIOS, San Pablo, Madrid 2016. Czech tr. Tweetuj s BOHEM, Paulínky, Prague 2016.
* Open de deuren wijd voor Christus! De boodschap van de zalige Johannes Paulus II, Leiden 2011. English tr.: Year of Faith with Blessed John Paul II, CTS, London 2012. Afrikaans tr.: ‘n Ope Deur vir Christus! Die boodskap van Salige Johannes Paulus II vir Die Jaar van Geloof, Die Oratorium Uitgewery, Oudtshoorn 2012.

CCEE Vice General Secretaries:

Rev Paul Huot-Pleuroux (France, 1977-1980).
Mgr Peter Fleetwood (England, 2002-2007).
Rev Ferenc Janka (Hungary, 2007-2012).
Rev Michel Remery (Netherlands, appointed in 2012).