Holy Land

The situation of Christians in Holy Land is a matter of concern for Bishops and the entire Church in Europe, as is the situation of the Christians of Middle East. Europe is not only historically connected to the Cradle of Christianity, but is also profoundly united to that region today.

Annually, The Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales with the support of CCEE organises a delegation of bishops from Europe, North America and South Africa (called Holy Land Co-ordination) and undertakes a visit to the Holy Land to witness to the Church’s concern for the Christian communities and the Assembly of Catholic bishops in the Holy Land.

The aim of the visit is to gain deeper awareness of the social, political and ecclesial realities in the Holy Land with a view to supporting work for justice and peace more effectively; supporting the efforts of the local Church, through the work of Catholic organisations; and finally supporting the mission of the Apostolic Nuncio, in particular with regard to fundamental and basic agreements.

Below is a collection of documents, meetings and press releases relating to the theme of Holy Land and to the Middle East