Archbishop Stanisław Gądecki

Bishop Stanisław Gądecki was born on 19th October 1949 in Strzelno (Archdiocese of Gniezno). After completing philosophical and theological studies at the Seminary of Gniezno, he was ordained as a priest on June 9, 1973, and was also incardinated there. He studied the Sacred Scriptures, obtaining a license at the Biblicum in Rome and Jerusalem and also a Doctorate from the Angelicum in Rome.

He returned to the diocese in 1982 and began the teaching of Sacred Scripture, first in the Archidiocesan Seminary and later in the Institute of Theology for Laity in Gniezno and in the Student’s House of the Holy Family in Kazimierz Biskupi. He became Vice-Rector of the Gniezno Seminary in 1986 and three years later he was released to devote himself more fully to teaching and organising trips to the Holy Land.

He was elected Bishop of Rubicon and Auxiliary of Gniezno on 1st February 1992 and was thus consecrated on 25th March 1992.

He was a member of the Commission for Pastoral Care within the Polish Bishops’ Conference and is also President of the Episcopal Commission for Interreligious Dialogue and President of the Council for Judaism.