Ecumenical activities

On of the urgent and of particular interest field of work for the CCEE is the search for the unity of the Church through the promotion of encounters and friendships between people of other Christian confessions. Since its inception, the CCEE has committed itself to a continuous collaboration with the KEK (Conference of European Churches). In recent years, through the Global Christian Forum, with the passing of the years, contacts have also extended to the evangelical communities.

Together with the KEK, the CCEE organised some ecumenical meetings and above all three large European Ecumenical Assemblies.

Since 2008, with the Catholic-Orthodox Forum, the CCEE has embarked on a path of dialogue with all the Orthodox Churches of the continent, aimed at a greater awareness and definition of common positions on important social and moral issues affecting all men and women of Europe.

Documents and statements made jointly with other Churches or ecclesial organisations on social or pastoral themes are expressions of Christian unity in many areas and the urgency of a collegial work for the common good.

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