Protect life at all costs. Appeal of the CCEE Presidency

16 May 2018

We join the Catholic Church in the Holy Land to deplore "yet another explosion of hatred and violence, which is once again staining the Holy Land with blood" in these days. The Presidency ...

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In Rome, the CCEE Presidency discusses the theme Europe’s supportive spirit

09 May 2018

On “Europe Day”*, the CCEE Presidency met in Rome to prepare for the next Plenary Assembly – the ecclesial gathering which ...

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CCEE-CEC Joint Communiqué

19 April 2018

On 17 April in Reykjavík, Iceland, a conference on circumcision was held to discuss a proposal which has been tabled in the Icelandic parliament Althing ...

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Final Communiqué of the Participants in the CCEE-SECAM Seminar

Fatima, Portugal, 12-15 April 2018

Globalization is a dynamic, multi-purpose process that affects all areas of individual, family, and social life, including economics, politics, culture, and religion....

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CCEE and SECAM discuss the effects of globalisation on the Church and cultures in Europe and Africa

Fatima, Portugal, 12-15 April 2018

Following the desire to promote growing pastoral collaboration between the epsicopate of the two continents, for more than a decade the two continental bodies...

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First Meeting of the Commission Evangelization and Culture

Riga, Latvia, 15 March 2018

The new Commission was set up by the 2017 CCEE Plenary Assembly, and is divided into four sections: culture, social communications, interreligious dialogue and catechesis ...

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CCEE-CEC Joint Statement

15 March 2018

It is with great concern that Christian, Jewish and Muslim organisations in Europe take note of a proposal tabled in the Icelandic parliament Althing to ban...

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Passing of the Cardinal Karl Lehmann. The condolence of the European Bishops

St Gallen, 12 March 2018

Having learnt the sad news of the passing of the Cardinal Karl Lehmann, Bishop Emeritus of Mainz, Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco, Archbishop of Genoa and President of the CCEE, addressed a message of condolence to ...

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CCEE-CEC Joint Committee ask for the respect of the Status Quo in Jerusalem

St. Gallen (Switzerland)/ Brussels (Belgium), 16 March 2018

Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco, CCEE president and Bishop Christopher Hill, CEC president, issued a letter of support to the three leaders of the churches who recently signed a joint statement protesting the proposal of the municipality of Jerusalem to tax ...

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CCEE-CEC Joint Committee

Bruxelles, Belgium, 09-10 March 2018

In the opening address Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco, Archbishop of Genoa and President of CCEE spoke about how the church needs to be outward ...

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