CCEE 2018 Calendar is now available!


On, CCEE 2018 Calendar is now available together with the Agenda of scheduled events of most European Bishops' Conferences in Europe. 

With just one click, discover the life of the Church in the forthcoming year. 

Eurocathinfo is the Information Portal of European Bishops' Conferences in Europe. It is divided into six sections.
- "News from the Catholic Bishops' Conferences" is based on the RSS flows of the Bishops' Conferences websites and allows for a constant update of the news flow;
- "Highlights" posts the news which has been highlighted directly by the Bishops' Conferences;
- "News from CCEE" summarises the news of the Council of Catholic Bishops' Conferences of Europe.
Three more sections provide an overview of the Church in Europe:
- "European Calendar" presents the outstanding events involving the Bishops' Conferences of Europe and CCEE;
- Through a map of Europe you can access a presentation of the individual Catholic Bishops' Conferences of Europe in different languages;
- an finally, through a "Banners" section users can access the official websites of CCEE and COMECE, as well as some pieces of information about the activity of the Holy See within the Council of Europe and the European Union.

Download the 2018 Calendar in PDF or visit us at