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Being and becoming responsible in life University pastoral care in Europe

Proceedings of the Łódź's Congress

16-19 Aprile 2015

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One of the essential, crucial sectors of pastoral work is, without doubt, the one usually referred to as university pastoral care…This pastoral work is aimed, first of all, at students and teachers, but also serves other people involved in university life. The first group, students, are experiencing a period of intellectual and human maturation, which will help them to shape the future …Such maturation cannot be limited to academic and professional formation only, as often happens today. There needs to be a holistic formation, which includes ethics, morality, spirituality and affectivity, as well as a capacity for critical thought and a harmonizing with other areas of knowledge, so as to form a fully mature human being.
(from the address of Card. Zenon Grocholewski)

With this publication the "University" Section of the CCEE Commission "Catechesis, School and University", presieded by H.E. Mgr Marek Jędraszewski, Archbishop of Łódź, wants to share the work of the Congress on university pastoral care, which took place in Łódź in Poland (16-19 Aprile 2015) with those who work for the integral development of the students, not only in university chaplaincies, but also at the diocesan level and in numerous other ecclesial strucutres.
Not only proceedings but also a dense and accurate reflection on Being and becoming responsible in life for the students, in the relationship with oneself, with others and with God. Through the contribution of numerous experts, and the presentation of concrete experiences from professors and students, the pastoral worker and the same student will find different ideas for their own work or personal growth.
The book, with every texts in Italian, English and Polish and realised under the direction of fr. Michel Remery, CCEE Vice-Secretary General, is published by the Libreria Editrice Vaticana. The book is now available for purchase on