Europe in fear of the threat from fundamentalist terrorism, and the value of human person and religious freedom

Proceedings of the V European Catholic Orthodox Forum

Paris, France, 9-12 January 2017


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In January 2017 took place in Paris at the invitation of Cardinal André Vingt-Trois, the fifth edition of the European Catholic-Orthodox Forum. Works were led by Metropolitan Gennadios of Sassima of the Ecumenical Patriarchate and Cardinal Péter Erdő President of the Council for European Bishops Conferences, and saw the participation of delegates of the Catholic Bishops’ Conferences and of the Orthodox churches in Europe.


«In the present context of unprecedented challenges and threats against Christianity, our Catholic and Orthodox Churches want to stand together in order to face them. They wish to act together both in communicating and promoting Christian values and principles in the sphere of public life, including the international level. In these times of widespread concern for their future, our societies are turning to their spiritual resources, to draw out means of responding to the situation that Europe is experiencing, and to trace the path ahead for a future full of hope and greater confidence.

Terrorist violence against people considered "unbelievers" or "infidels" is the extreme degree of religious intolerance. We unreservedly condemn it. We deplore the fact that such acts have developed in the soil of a misguided religious culture, where the other is presented as hated by God himself and condemned to annihilation on account of this. We nevertheless seek to continue the dialogue with the leaders of all religions». (from the final message of the participants)

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