The Byzantines’ Greek-Catholic Eparchy of Mukachevo

The Byzantines’ Greek-Catholic Eparchy of Mukachevo arose from the Union of Uzhhorod, which was signed on 24 April 1646, in the north eastern part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The Eparchy of Mukachevo was established officially by Pope Clement XIV on 19 September 1771.

From 1881 until now numerous other eparchies or exarchates have been created, dividing the territory of the mother eparchy and elsewhere, due to the presence of emigrés beyond the confines of the Eparchy: the Metropolitan of Presov in Solvakia with two suffragan eparchies; the Metropolitan of Pittsburgh in the United States with three suffragan eparchies; the Eparchy of Maramures in Romania; the Eparchy of Haidudorog, with an Exarchate in Hungary; the Exarchate of Ruskij Krstur in Serbia and the Exarchate of Prague in the Czech Republic; the Eparchy of Saints Cyril and Methodius at Toronto in Canada.

The territory of the current Eparchy of Mukachevo lies in the Transcarpathia region, in south-western Ukraine. In 1937, the Eparchy of Mukachevo became “immediately subject to the Holy See”. This status was recently confirmed in 1993.


H.E. Mgr. Nil Lushchak OFM, Auxiliary Bishop of the Eparchy of Mukachevo


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