The Bishops' Conference of Bosnia-Herzegovina

The Bishops’ Conference of Bosnia Herzegovina was established on 8 December 1994 in conformity with the dispositions of Canon Law and operates in accordance with the Code of Canon Law and other regulations and instructions published by the Holy See. The Bishops’ Conference comprises the Archdiocese of Vrhbosna (Sarajevo), with the Metropolitan See in Sarajevo, and the three dioceses: Mostar-Duvno, Trebinje-Mrkan and Banja Luka and Military ordinariate.

There are six bishops in the Bishops’ Conference of Bosnia Herzegovina. The Bishops’ Conference enables the bishops to exchange ideas and share their wisdom and experience with a view to promoting the common good of the Church in Bosnia Herzegovina.

In order to achieve these aims with greater efficiency, the Bishops’ Conference of Bosnia Herzegovina has established Permanent council and a variety of commissions, councils, offices, Catholic News Agency and Caritas of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The ordinary administration of the Conference is managed by a Secretariat in Sarajevo.


H.E. Mgr. Tomo Vukšić, Metropolitan Archbishop of Sarajevo


Msgr Ivo Tomašević


Kaptol 32
BiH - 71000 Sarajevo
Tel/fax: +387 33 66 68 67