The Bishops’ Conference of Slovakia

The Slovak Bishops’ Conference, set up by the Holy See, is the assembly of the Bishops in the Slovakian Republic, who jointly exercise some pastoral functions for the faithful in that territory, to promote more the good which the Church offers to humanity, especially through ways and means of apostolate suitably appropriate to the circumstances of time and place, in accordance with the law (cfr. Can. 447 and 449, § 1, CIC).

All the diocesan Bishops of the territory of the Slovakian Republic belong to the Slovak Bishops’ Conference, as well as those who are their equal in law, the coadjutor Bishops, Auxiliary Bishops and the other titular Bishops who exercise in that territory a special role entrusted to them by the Apostolic See or by the Bishops’ Conference for the good of the country (cfr. Can. 450, §1 CIC).

Also included in the Bishops’ Conference are the eparchial bishops and those who in law are recognised as their equals, the coadjutor and auxiliary Bishops of the Eastern Rite in the Slovakian Republic, who do not belong to another Bishops’ Conference.

The Slovak Bishops’ Conference expresses itself through the following bodies: plenary meetings, a Permanent Council, General Secretary, Council for Economic Affairs and also the Commissions and Councils, established by the Bishops’ Conference with well-defined aims (cfr. Can. 451, CIC).

The Catholic Church in Slovakia comprises 8 Latin Rite Catholic dioceses, 3 Eastern Rite Eparchies (Greek-Catholic), and an Ordinariate of the Armed Forces and Army Corps.


H.E. Mgr. Stanislav Zvolenský, Archbishop of Bratislava


H.E. Mgr. Marián Chovanec, Bishop of Banská Bystrica


Rev. Ivan Ružička


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