"The Plenary Assembly nominates or establishes delegates or permanent commissions so that they might examine permanently matters relating to a particular kind of problem or a particular position of people; the Presidency can set up commissions ad tempus" (CCEE Statutes).

Through its Commissions, CCEE organizes various meetings which translate into real and effective collaboration of the particular churches where this collaboration reveals itself to be more necessary and urgent. Each Commission supports initiatives devised by the individual Bishops’ Conferences in different pastoral spheres. The CCEE Commissions are always chaired by a President who co-ordinates the work and supports the Commission’s initiatives.

CCEE’s Commissions are:

The work of the Commission is inspired by the awareness that only "a humanism open to the Absolute can guide us in the promotion and building of forms of social and civic life — structures, institutions, culture and ethos — without exposing us to the risk of becoming ensnared by the fashions of the moment. Awareness of God's undying love sustains us in our laborious and stimulating work for justice and the development of peoples, amid successes and failures, in the ceaseless pursuit of a just ordering of human affairs" (Benedict XVI, Caritas in Veritate, 78).

Inspired by Benedict XVI’s Encyclical Caritas in Veritate, the Commission is concerned with establishing a network which enables the promotion of a true outlook on social issues present in the continent, as well as supporting the initiatives developed by the Bishops’ Conferences and different social institutions in Europe.

At the moment the Commission is chaired by His Grace Mgr Giampaolo Crepaldi, Archbishop of Trieste (Italy). The Commission has three sections:

- Migration
- Safeguard of Creation
- Social issues

In recent decades, the migration situation in Europe has changed considerably and at the same time this phenomenon has received ever greater attention from the Church in the continent.

From the 1970s, meetings of bishops and national directors with responsibility for the pastoral care of migration have been organized, so that they can share pastoral experiences, examine issues which must be looked at from the point of view of the countries of origin and arrival and receive information important for the Christian communities about migration and ensuring that the Church’s voice can be heard in public opinion on the continent about the migration situation in Europe.

CCEE looks favourably on the intense mix of relationships which have been developed and which involve the representatives from the "Migrants and Refugees" section of the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development, Caritas Europa, the International Catholic Migration Commission, and Comece.

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La sezione Custodia del Creato sostiene i diversi gruppi di lavoro che sviluppano la riflessione sulla responsabilità dell’uomo e della Chiesa nella custodia del Creato.

Tra il 1999 e il 2004 si sono svolti sei incontri su questo tema. In seguito è stato redatto un rapporto che sottolinea la necessità di uno sviluppo che segua i princìpi etici e la necessità dell’educazione delle nuove generazioni nella custodia della Creazione donata da Dio agli uomini.

Nel 2010 si è svolto un “pellegrinaggio verde” al quale hanno partecipato Vescovi e delegati responsabili per la custodia del Creato, per rafforzare la collaborazione e il dialogo fra le Chiese in Europa ed affermare che siano il bene comune e la solidarietà a guidare le politiche ambientali.

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The task of this Section is that of supporting the bishops with responsibility in this area from each Bishops’ Conference of Europe in the defense of human rights and the common good, promoting social cohesion and non-discrimination in Europe, so as to establish a network of collaboration between the different institutions to defend life and human dignity, the rights and fundamental freedoms of the human person. 

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This Commission is conscious of the importance of promoting the new evangelisation in the media culture, to establish a profound dialogue with the human person’s constituent needs in contemporary society.

The Commission regularly organizes meetings for the bishops responsible for social communications in the European Bishops’ Conferences and for experts, so as to be able to contribute to the profound reflection on the new technologies and new media and their relationship with the Church, so that these might also be above all tools at the service of the Gospel, collaborating in the mission of communicating and spreading the Word of God.

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A network of the national directors or centres for Vocations to special consecration exists since 1999 (European Vocations Service - EVS) and became a commission of CCEE in 2006. From 2012 it is known in CCEE as Commission for Vocations.

Each year the Commission organizes a meeting of those responsible in the national offices for vocations pastoral work and every three or four years a larger meeting to which the bishops especially are invited. These meetings are aimed at showing in a new way the beauty of the religious vocation, and showing how through various local and continental initiatives, the Church in Europe draws young people’s attention especially to the priestly vocation, so that they can see in the priesthood an existence full of joy and beauty, and thus be servants of the Universal Church.

The Commission has its own website, The Commission is currently chaired by His Lordship Mgr Oscar Cantoni, Bishop of Crema (Italia); the Secretary is Rev Emil Parafiniuk (Poland).

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The increased mobility of European students throughout the continent, through various projects of cultural and research exchange, in a certain sense calls on those with responsibilities in education and pastoral work in schools and universities to establish a network which enables the new challenges arising in the field of Catholic education to be tackled.

The catechesis of children and young people, Catholic religious education, the reality of Catholic schools, in Europe represent a rich reality and bearer of a great tradition, while existing in very different contexts. Recent times have seen the need for greater co-ordination of pastoral work in the field of education and greater collaboration both in the catechetical and educational spheres.

The Commission is divided into three sections:


Bishops are those mainly responsible for the teaching of faith. Catechesis is one of the most important dimensions of the mission of bishops. To keep faith alive and to be able to give answers to all those who ask why we believe in God’s presence and mercy.

Pastoral care in schools, the teaching of Catholic religion and Catholic schools represent a very rich expression – albeit a diverse one – of a great tradition.

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CCEE has a specific section of the Commission “Catechesis, School and University” dedicated to Pastoral care in Universities, dialogue between faith and reason; and the roots of our culture.

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