The Bishops' Conference of Poland

The Polish Bishops' Conference is composed of the bishops of the 44 dioceses, including two bishops of the Byzantine-Ukrainian Rite and the one of the Military Ordinariate. There are 15 archdioceses. Of the 44 dioceses the largest are the archdioceses of Cracow, Poznań, Warsaw, Katowice and Łódź. The smallest is the diocese of Drohiczyn  (Eastern Poland).

Polish Bishops' Conference usually meets three times a year at the plenary meeting. Another structure of her work is the Council of Diocesan Bishops.

Chairman of the episcopate, and his deputy shall be elected from the diocesan bishops by the Plenary session for a period of five years. They can be elected for another five-years term. Also, the Secretary-General elected for five years, renewable for another five years. Presidium of the Polish Episcopal Conference consists of: Chairman, his deputy and the Secretary-General. The Permanent Council consists of: the Chairman of the Conference, his deputy; Primate of Poland (archbishop of Gniezno), Cardinals in charge of dioceses, the Secretary-General, six diocesan bishops and two auxiliary bishops elected by the Plenary meeting for five years, with a possibility to be elected for a second five-years term.


H.E. Mgr. Stanislaw Gądecki, Archbishop of Poznań


H.E. Mgr. Artur Miziński, Auxiliary Bishop of Lublin


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