2017 – III Meeting of the Legal Advisers of European Bishops’ Conferences

III Meeting of the Legal Advisers of European Bishops’ Conferences

Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, 10-12 December 2017

One of the task of the legal advisers of the Bishops’ Conferences is to monitor the legislative activity of their own country and within the European institutions with a view to ascertaining compatibility with the Church’s social teaching.

Since the challenges are often common among individual European Nations, the meeting is an opportunity for discussion and sharing of legal solutions adopted by the individual countries over issues which affect in particular the defence of the dignity of the human person, a person’s rights, issues surrounding life, etc. It is their role to advise the bishops over legal issues which affect the right to work, to property, building issues, etc.

20 legal advisors representing 19 Bishops’ Conferences in Europe will participate in this meeting promoted by CCEE. This year, in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the legal advisers will visit the Court of Justice of the European Union.

The European Court of Justice (ECJ), established 1952, interprets EU law to ensure that it is applied equally in all Member States and it resolves legal disputes between national governments and EU institutions. The Court of Justice includes one judge for each EU member country and 11 general lawyers. For further information: Court of Justice of the European Union

The meeting is held behind closed doors.

Topics of the programme

Among the topics that will be discussed:

  • Significant issues for the Church in discussion at the European Union Court of Justice
  • “The so called end of life”
  • “Migration – current legal issues”


Prof. Mauro Gatti, University of Luxembourg

Ms. Sophia Kuby, ADF International

Prof. Venerando Marano, Director of the Legal Department of the Italian Catholic Bishops’ Conference

Prof. Chiara Favilla, University of Florence

Ms. Andreea Popescu, Ombudswoman



50 Avenue Gaston Diderich, 1420

1011 Lussemburgo

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2017 - Legal Advisors' Meeting