The family is the basic unit of Society and the Catholic Church has good news for the family. However this area is subject to many challenges, especially in Europe.

On several occasions CCEE has placed the family at the centre of its activities. To serve the Human person and announce the Gospel is also to serve the family.

The family ministry cannot be understood as a sector or an aspect of pastoral care, but rather as the perspective to which all pastoral care refers to. This adequate and complete pastoral care is connected with the urgency to proclaim the Gospel of the family.


CANCELED – National Delegates for Family and Life

21 November 2019

#_LOCATIONMAP 11 - 13 May 2020…

CANCELED – Family and Life Commission

21 November 2019

#_LOCATIONMAP 11 May 2020…

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First meeting of the CCEE Commission Family and Life

Dublin, Ireland

24 August 2018

The first meeting of the CCEE Commission Family and life…

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