The Church in Europe has the task of announcing Jesus Christ to Young People and offering them not only answers to their questions about existence, but also places where to meet People of faith and to experience the life in abundance Christ has won for us.

Youth lives in a world which often seems to suggest to above all fleeting and "Godless" experiences, without reference to the transcendent. CCEE actively collaborates with delegates for youth pastoral care from the Bishops’ Conferences of Europe, so as to establish a network which can respond to the needs of today’s young people and give voice to their deepest needs.

Special collaboration has been in place with the Pontifical Council for Laity – youth section.

Below is a collection of documents, meetings and press releases relating to the theme of Youth.


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Get up, Christ is calling you!

Christus Vivit in Europe

11 November 2019

From 20 to 23 October 2020, the European Symposium on…

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Vocations: Listen to God who asks something more!

The Annual Meeting and the Audience with Pope Francis

11 June 2019

50 delegates from 22 European…

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In continuity with the Synod, a new European symposium on the youth

Krakow 20-23 October 2020

11 March 2019

From Thursday 7th to Saturday 9th March the joint meeting…

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God calls everyone. Let us respond to Hope!

Congress of the National Delegates for Youth Ministry

3 March 2018

God has a life project for everyone! Yesterday as today,…

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In vocational pastoral care we do not start from scratch!

Greetings of Mgr Oscar Cantoni to the participants in the European Congress on Vocations

28 February 2018

Opening the Congress, H.E. Mgr Oscar Cantoni, Bishop in charge…

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Rediscovering the irreplaceable preciousness of the Priesthood

Message from Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco to the participants in the European Congress on Vocations

28 February 2018

“Men do not need the human qualities of the pastors,…

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First Meeting of the Commission

Tirana, Albania

27 February 2018

It is on the eve of the Congress of the…

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In Verbo Tuo. Vocations today in Europe

Congress of the National Delegates in Tirana

26 February 2018

The Church believes and trusts that today the Lord is…