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The secretariat

The Secretariat The CCEE Secretariat is based in St. Gallen (Switzerland) and serves the Plenary Assembly, the Presidency and the Presidents of the CCEE Commissions. The Secretariat is composed of a General Secretary, appointed by the Plenary Assembly for a renewable five-year term; a Deputy General Secretary appointed by the Presidency, a Media officer and some collaborators. The Secretariat works according to the directives of … Continue reading The secretariat »

The Presidency

The Presidency The President and the Vice-Presidents are elected by the Plenary Assembly of CCEE among the presidents of the Bishops’ Conferences for a renewable five-year term. Members of the Presidency can be contacted directly through the CCEE Secretariat. The current Presidency (elected in 2016) is composed of:   {loadposition Presidency} List of former CCEE Presidents: His Eminence Cardinal Roger Etchegaray (France, 1971-1979) His Eminence … Continue reading The Presidency »


Members The Council of European Bishops’ Conferences has 39 members, including 33 Bishops Conferences, the Archbishops of Luxembourg, of the Principality of Monaco, the Maronite Archbishop of Cyprus, the Bishop of Chişinău (Moldova), the Eparchial Bishop of Mukachevo and the Apostolic Administrator of Estonia. {loadposition map} ALBANIA                                                  Albanian Bishops’ Conference        Konferenca Ipeshkvore Shqiptare AUSTRIA                                                  Austrian Bishops’ Conference         Österreichische Bischofskonferenz BELARUS Belarusian Bishops’ Conference Канферэнцыя Каталіцкіх … Continue reading Members »

CCEE | Presentation

Presentation   The Council of Bishops’ Conferences of Europe (CCEE) is made up of thirty-nine members, of which thirty-three are Bishops’ Conferences, the Archbishops of Luxembourg, the Principality of Monaco, the Maronite Archbishop of Cyprus and the Bishops of Chişinău (Moldova) of the Mukachevo Eparchy and the Apostolic Administration of Estonia; all together they represent the Catholic Church in forty-five countries in the European continent. … Continue reading CCEE | Presentation »