Press release

Continental Assembly of the Synod, the Bishops’ commitment.

The final remarks

The bishops of the European continent have undertaken to develop further “a synodal Church,” following the indications of Pope Francis, rejoicing in how the works of the Continental Assembly in Prague were “an unmistakable sign of our unique belonging to Christ.”

The commitment is presented in the concluding note of the bishops, who met in Prague from 10 to 12 February to discern the contents of the final document of the Synodal Assembly, which had just ended. The meeting of bishops had been encouraged by the working document for the Continental Stage (n. 108).

After participating in the Church Assembly, whose conclusions have already been published and an extensive final document already received by the Assembly will soon be released, the bishops outlined the challenges and issues to be developed to ensure that the synodal journey becomes a concrete practice in the Church.

In the concluding note, the bishops highlight how “mutual listening, fruitful dialogue, the story of how our ecclesial communities lived out the first phase of the synodal process and prepared for this continental meeting” are “the clear sign of unique belonging to Christ.”

The bishops, therefore, undertake ” to keep living and promoting the synodal process in our diocesan structures and life,” underlining that “this experience of care for the whole Church in Europe heartened us in our commitment to faithfully live out our universal mission.”

” We are engaged – write the bishops – in supporting the indications of the successor of Peter, our Holy Father, to become a synodal Church nourished by the experience of communion, participation, and mission in Christ.”

About two hundred participants in the Continental Assembly of the Synod in Prague, 156 delegates from the 39 Bishops Conferences of Europe, and 44 invited by the Council of Episcopal Conferences of Europe.

To these were added 270 online delegates. The Assembly was held from 5 to 9 February and concluded with the acceptance of a concluding document, which was also received by the bishops in their final meeting.

Here attached, the full text of the Bishops’ final remarks.

Prague, Feb. 12, 2023