CCEE Presidency

Appeal to Europe for Lebanon

Together with Pope Francis we pray for the gift of peace and stability

Accepting the invitation of Pope Francis to pray for Lebanon, the CCEE Presidency, on behalf of the Bishops throughout the continent, joins “our brothers and sisters of faith and humanity in Lebanon” and invokes the gift of peace and stability together with a renewed commitment to support the Country of the Cedar.

Making their own “the requests of the Assembly of Patriarchs and Catholic Bishops of that noble but distressed country”, the Bishops of Europe appeal “to the conscience of nations and their leaders” so that “the world does not forget the tragedy and does not turn a deaf ear to the cries of the poor and suffering. Therefore, to re-establish justice, recognise individual, collective and national identity, respect the religious and civil values of their Tradition, support the recovery of the economy and the reconstruction of a social fabric made up through dialogue and the collaborative coexistence of religions, cultures and social diversities. All of this without external constraints”.

Attached is the full text of the appeal.