Plenary Assembly

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CCEE Plenary Assembly

26 November 2019

#_LOCATIONMAP 24 - 27 Sep 2020…

Europe, wake up!

Final message of the Bishops

5 October 2019

During the concluding session of the Plenary Assembly that has…

Pilgrims at the Tomb of the Apostle Saint James

On the second day, the gathering of European Bishops

4 October 2019

32 Presidents of the Bishops’ Conferences of Europe were present…

Europe, time to wake up? The signs of Hope

3-6 October, Santiago de Compostela

4 October 2019

The annual CCEE Plenary Assembly began yesterday in Santiago de…

Europe, time to wake up? The signs of hope

The next Plenary Asembly in Santiago de Compostela

10 September 2019

The annual Plenary Assembly of the Council of European Bishops’…

CCEE Plenary Assembly

27 June 2019

#_LOCATIONMAP 03 - 06 Oct 2019…

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European Bishops Thank Millions of Christian Volunteers

Poznań, Poland, 13-16 September 2018

17 September 2018

“Volunteer work involves millions of Christians in Europe and is…

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CCEE in Poland to speak about solidarity in Europe

Regarding the Plenary Assembly 2018

7 September 2018

At the invitation of His Grace Mgr Stanisław Gądecki, Archbishop…

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CCEE Presidency discusses the theme ´Europe´s Supportive Spirit´

Choosing the theme for the next Plenary Assembly

9 May 2018

On “Europe Day”*, the CCEE Presidency met in Rome to…