CCEE collaborates in a special way in the ecumenical sphere with CEC, the Conference of European Churches, which comprises about 120 Orthodox Churches, Protestant, Anglican and Old Catholic ecclesial communities and associated organisations.

As well as various ecumenical meetings promoted together since 1959 and the three great ecumenical assemblies (Basle 1989; Graz 1997; Sibiu 2007) organized and promoted by the two bodies, CCEE signed with CEC the “Ecumenical Charter”, considered to be an important stage in the development of ecumenical relationships in Europe.

Each year the CCEE Presidency, along with its Secretary General and a delegation of four people chosen by the Plenary Assembly, meets with a CEC representation composed of eight people, including also members of their Presidency and their Secretary General. Together they examine in depth from a theological perspective themes of a pastoral and social nature of major significance for the whole continent and search for common ways to tackle the daily challenges facing Christians in Europe.

In the course of their meetings, CCEE and CEC not only help to create a positive environment to favour ecumenism, but also contribute to the Church’s mission in the defence of life, the protection of religious freedom in Europe and in the promotion of the spiritual unity of Christianity in the continent.

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