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The Final Document of the Continental Assembly of the Synod is published

The concluding dossier, which also contains the final considerations and the Bishops' concluding note, was delivered to the General Secretariat of the Synod

17 April 2023

As of today, the final document of the…

Grušas: a Christian appeal is needed in Ukraine to overcome the narrative of war

In a meeting with Patriarch Bartholomew, the CCEE President relaunches the challenge of ecumenism

22 March 2023

In an extensive address in Vilnius, during the…

Wishes to Pope Francis on the tenth anniversary of his pontificate

And the thanksgiving for his “European magisterium”

13 March 2023

On the tenth anniversary of his pontificate, European bishops…

Ukraine, Grušas: called to be peacemakers!

Appeal from the CCEE President

24 February 2023

One year after the Russian Federation’s aggression that provoked the…

The sympathy and solidarity of the European episcopate to the Church of Nicaragua

Remarks from the CCEE President on the situation in Nicaragua

15 February 2023

The situation that the Church in Nicaragua is…

Continental Assembly of the Synod, the Bishops’ commitment.

The final remarks

12 February 2023

The bishops of the European continent have undertaken to develop…

European Continental Assembly: final remarks

Prague, 5-12 February 2023

10 February 2023

The first part of the Continental Assembly of the Synod,…

A new website to follow all the work in Prague

30 January 2023

As of today, the website for the European…

Death of Benedict XVI

The condolences of the European bishops

31 December 2022

The Council of European Bishops’ Conferences joins the prayers of…

Archbishop Grušas celebrates the Divine Liturgy with His Beatitude Shevchuk

At the tomb of St Jehoshaphat in St Peter's Basilica

14 November 2022

On the recent Feast of Saint Jehoshaphat, 12 November 2022,…