CCEE-CEC Joint Committee

Peace and security in Europe, the importance of ecumenical dialogue

Brussels, 28-30 November 2022

The CCEE-CEC Joint Committee, the body desired to deepen and develop ecumenical dialogue in Europe, met in Brussels from 28 to 30 November.

Several topics were addressed during the meeting between the delegation of the Council of the European Bishops’ Conferences and that of the Conference of European Churches.

An update on the synodal process of the Catholic Church was provided with the presentation of the contents of the syntheses composed by the national Bishops’ Conferences as well as the preparations for the continental phase of the synod.

Ample space was given to reflection on the current situation in Europe: the war in Ukraine, the ecclesiological challenges for the Orthodox Church, peace and security on the European continent.

Finally, for greater cooperation of the Churches in Europe, a working group was formed to revise the guidelines of the Charta Oecumenica, the document signed by CCEE and CEC which was published in 2001. The revision process will take into account current challenges and opportunities for churches in Europe.