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New Website Online

CCEE News, Information and Events in Real Time

On the occasion of the 53rd World Social Communications Day, a new version of the website for the Council of the European Bishops´ Conferences has been published,

It has been a project of graphic redesigning and architecture oriented towards simplicity and accessibility. In the design and access of the information it guarantees users to find what they are looking for quickly.

In accordance with navigation trends that underlines how access to sites increasingly takes place via mobile phones and tablets, the site is completely responsive and is easy to navigate through whilst on the move.

This has orientated the choice towards light graphics and the immediate access to relevant content: the news, the appointments, the updates and all the institutional information of the various Bishops´ Conferences, are all immediately placed on the home page of the site.

It is the icon of the Patrons of Europe, positioned in the top section, that greets visitors to the site. The drop-down menus allow easy access to the institutional pages: The Presidency, the Secretariat, the Commissions, to the activities of the CCEE and through the media page, to news events, publications and press releases.

In the central part of the home page, after the wide section dedicated to CCEE news and appointments is found the news coming from the Bishops´ Conferences of Europe, which function thanks to the RSS system and the interactive map of Europe.

Then, in the bottom section are found the links to the institutional partners of the CCEE and the photo and video galleries.

Finally, there is the possibility of subscribing to the Newsletter and to send requests to the Secretariat through the contact form.

Furthermore, it is possible to navigate through the site by the Areas of work. The news and the appointments, in fact, are categorized according to their area of interest in order to allow the users to navigate by themes.  

Designed and implemented by SEED Digital Manufacturing in collaboration with the Secretariat, presents a double edition, in Italian and English, but much of its content will be offered, from time to time, also in German and French and possibly in other languages.

Saint Gallen, 1 June 2019.