The issue of migration has been on the agenda of the Churches in Europe for a number of years. A great number of meetings have been held in order to compare experiences, inform Christian communities and appeal both to the public opinion and politicians.

Since the very beginning of CCEE this topic has been on the agenda and several meetings have been organised. A specific section of the Caritas in Veritate Commission deals with migrations and regularly organises meetings with delegates from all over the Continent. However in many other meetings migration is also a main topic. The Presidency of CCEE is also attentive and when necessary proposes appropriate intervention.

In matters of migration, CCEE has a special relationship with ICMC (International Catholic Migration Commission) and other catholic European networks active in the field of the pastoral care for Migrants.

➢ Caritas in Veritate Commission– Migration section

On several occasions the Roma People have been also a topic of special interest. Together with COMECE or CEC, CCEE has already organised meetings or prepared press communiqués calling for the improvement of the situation of Roma People in Europe.

Below is a collection of documents, meetings and press releases relating to the theme of Migration, Roma People. Information is displayed in chronological order from the most to the least recent.


Free to Choose whether to Migrate or to Stay

The meeting of the bishops and national delegates in Szombathely

22 November 2023

From 12 to 14 November, the meeting of the Migration…

Meeting of the Migration Section

7 September 2023

#_LOCATIONMAP 13 - 14 Nov 2023…

“Migrants used as human shields”

President Grušas' denunciation of the migrant crisis on the Belarussian-Polish border.

12 November 2021

In the interview given to the SIR agency…

Pandemic and Migration: the Church’s commitment

Online meeting of delegates from European Bishops' Conferences and Ecclesial Bodies

20 April 2021

On the morning of 19 April, the on-line seminar of…

Webinar – Migration Section

4 January 2021

#_LOCATIONMAP 19 April 2021…

The Local Community as a model of Welcoming and Integration in Europe

Meeting of the National Directors

10 December 2019

The meeting of the National Directors for Migration took place…

Meeting of the CCEE Migration Section

27 June 2019

#_LOCATIONMAP 26 - 28 Nov 2019…

  • 2018
  • migrations

Inspiring changes: training, informing, and making aware on human mobility

Annual Meeting of Bishops and Delegates entrusted with the Ministry of Migrants

16 July 2018

Migration is not just an economic, social, demographic, cultural, and…

  • 2018
  • migrations

A movement of humanity: the flow of migrants and news

The Next Annual Meeting in Stockholm

11 July 2018

The annual meeting of bishops and delegates entrusted with the…

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